Do you ever have those days, weeks, months when you just can’t seem to get ahead? That’s me right now.

October has been a bit of a doozy. Moving has thrown me for a loop, and I’m struggling to keep up with everything I wanted to get accomplished this month. It’s also been a busy month with a few Oilers games, concerts, house projects, and an upcoming trip to Denver. It’s a lot of fun stuff, but when the calendar is that full (even with fun stuff), it can all feel a little overwhelming.

The problem with too much of the good stuff is the less good stuff gets pushed to the sidelines. Why worry about a blog post when I’ve got a new house to paint? Or why answer emails when I could go see a show? Stress levels, that’s why. Even though I consider blogging more of a hobby than a job, it’s still something I’ve committed to. And that means publishing content on a regular basis and keeping up with all the other maintenance that goes into maintaining this site.

Guilt-Free Unproductive Time

I’m letting October go and looking forward. November is a new month, and we have significantly less going on. I’m setting goals to catch up on the blog stuff I’ve been putting off but also spending more time just chilling out. We all need to make self-care more of a priority, and for me right now, that means more evenings spent curled up on the couch with a glass of wine and a funny movie.

Self-care means different things to different people, and it will also vary depending on what is going on in your life. Too often it’s linked to spending money on yourself. Going for a spa day, dinner out a fancy restaurant, or buying a new pair of shoes. There’s no reason you need to drop that sort of cash to do something for yourself. Instead, you can give yourself a couple of hours off to dive into a new book, have a girls night in with pizza and beer, or take an afternoon nap. The whole point is not to feel guilty for taking some me-time.

Busy Isn’t Always Better

We’ve all been there. Someone asks how you are, and you answer with ‘Good, but busy.’ I basically opened this post by doing exactly that. We’re all busy, and there’s this mentality that the more you have on your plate, the better you must be doing.


Busyness is sucking us dry. You might feel productive by having a million things on the go, but I bet you would do a better job by cutting your obligations in half. What is better? Doing twenty things at 50% of doing ten things at 100%. I would argue the latter, every single time.

Lack of Motivation

I have this thing where I can only be motivated about one thing at a time. And right now the house has stolen the motivation track. I could look for paint colours, browse online furniture retailers, or research plumbing fixes for hours. Productive? Hardly, but that’s where my heads at. Instead of thinking up post topics while I’m in the shower or walking the dogs, I’m debating blue or purple for the master bedroom. The paint chip wall at Home Depot has taken over my brain!

Resetting My Priorities

I have a few ideas on how to get myself back on track for November. And hopefully by sharing them, it will keep me accountable!

  1. Writing 100 words a day: The blog is my priority for November, and that means I need to get in the habit of creating content more often. Writing posts the night before they publish is not the best way to do things. It’s stressful, and writing isn’t fun when you force it. A hundred words isn’t much, but it’s the getting started that’s the hard part. Once the 100 words are on the page, everything seems to flow better. And really, even if it’s garbage, nurturing a habit of daily writing will only help.
  2. Yoga challenge: I’ve been seriously slacking off in the exercise department. When I work out, I feel better and have more energy to get things done. I struggle to get into it though because it’s not my favourite thing in the world…far from it. I’m going to ease my way back into fitness with this 30-day yoga challenge. I really enjoy Adriene’s videos and have done her challenges in the past. Time to hit the refresh button by hitting the mat!
  3. Listen to two blogging podcasts a week: Immersing myself in something almost always spurs motivation. Since blogging is my focus for November, I’m going to listen to more blogging podcasts to learn some new tips and get inspired by others success stories. Sitting in my queue for the month are episodes from Do You Even Blog and ProBlogger.

I’d love to hear your best tips for getting out of a motivation funk? Share in the comments so we can all get inspired to live slower and work better.

How I'm fighting back against lack of motivation by focusing on small goals.

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  1. For me, it has been months of lacking motivation and it’s driving me insane because I hate feeling like this.

  2. I feel Discipline is more important than Motivation. Motivation isn’t something you have every day, Discipline pushes you every day.

    • Sarah Reply

      That’s a very good point Amanda, now to work on my discipline!

  3. When I need motivation, this is what I’ve found works best for me. I keep a list and a folder in my email of the posts/newsletters that really stuck with me and inspired me. I re-read these as needed. It’s enough to get me to do *something*, even if it is only getting 100 words on a page. But most of the time, once I start, I keep on going a t least a little longer.

    • Sarah Reply

      That’s a great idea to keep a file of motivating articles, etc. I’ll have to start one of those up!

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