Summer is by far my favourite season, and summers in Edmonton are fantastic. There is so much to do and the warm days have me wanting to spend as much time as possible outside. This is a problem for me…it’s so easy to hibernate during the winter, but as soon as the weather warms up I can’t stay cooped up.

I’ve talked before on the blog about how this relates to an increase in my spending (The Busted Summer Budget). To combat that I’ve taken the initiative to set money aside during the winter so that I can afford to do the things I want without breaking the bank.

Another good way to keep your budget in check is to keep yourself busy with activities that are more cost-effective.

You still feel like you’ve had a full summer but bypass the impending doom of calculating how much you’ve spent. To aid you on the mission I’ve rounded up twenty frugal summer date ideas to get you out of the house but not at the mercy of your budget. You’ll be able to do most of the suggestions no matter where you live, but I have included Edmonton-specific details for my local followers. And for me to refer back to when I need to make some plans!

1. Go for a Hike

The perfect free activity and pretty much my favourite way to exercise during the summer. Unless you are going on an advanced hike in the mountains, you won’t need to invest in an expensive pair of hiking boots. There are plenty of trails that you won’t need to splure on expensive gear to have a good experience.

Local: Edmonton has an incredible network of trails throughout the river valley, but if you’d prefer to get out of the city then you should check out Cooking Lake/Blackfoot Recreation Area. It’s my favourite spot and is only about 45 minutes East of downtown. It’s a provincial park that is free to get into and has almost 85 km’s of well-maintained, not crowded trails. Cooking Lake/Blackfoot is directly South of Elk Island National Park. That’s another great place for a hike but it is a national park so you’ll either need to have a park pass or pay for admission.

Cooking Lake/Blackfoot Recreation Area, Alberta

2. Berry Picking

We do this every year, and it always makes for a fun day. Check your local area for U-Pick farms and head out to stock up your fridge, freezer, and stomach with delicious fresh berries. Picking your own berries is cheaper than purchasing them at the store or farmers market, and they are guaranteed fresh so they taste better.

Local: Our annual berry picking tour starts with Strawberries at Prairie Gardens, and then we head East to Horse Hill Berry Farm to stock up on raspberries. I recommend going early because it does get busy and you want to get the best selection.

3. Backyard Campfire

Honestly, having a fire isn’t my favourite thing to do, but I know a lot of people love it. The only thing that wins me over about it is the smores. Yum. And beer, let’s not forget about beer. If you don’t already have a fire pit in your yard then maybe you can hit up a friend who does, or sometimes local parks will have ones you can use at no cost.

4. Gallery Tour

Take a stroll around town and visit your local art galleries for the perfect mix of outdoor heat and indoor air conditioning. Many large galleries also offer free admission days so keep an eye out for those.

Local: The Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) is now offering free admission every Thursday evening from 5 pm to 8 pm. There are also many art galleries along 124 Street. Plan your own walk or see if there is an organized walking tour happening.

5. Horse Races

A night out at the races is always a good time, and if you don’t eat or drink too much at the track, it can also be a cheap night out. There’s not cost for admission so get dressed up (or not) and take in the action. Plus, you might be a pro horse picker and come home with some winnings.

Local: Edmonton has a brand new race track out by the airport. I haven’t been yet but I’m hoping to make it for at least one night this summer.

6. Picnic in the Park

Inject a little romance into your relationship and pack up a picnic. This is a cheaper option than going to a restaurant, and you get to soak up the warm weather.

Local: Hit up the Italian Centre for a fantastic selection of deli meats, cheeses, and dips that will impress just about anyone.

7. Brewery Tour

Another option to get you out of the blazing hot sun is to check out a local brewery and go on a tour of the facility. Plus, beer…enough said!

Local: Alley Kat, Yellowhead, and Situation Brewing offer tours of their breweries in Edmonton.

8. Sporting Event

What’s better than spending an afternoon at the ballpark (or field) to watch the game and drink a cold one (beer is a common theme here). To keep your costs low, you should look into local amateur sports teams and keep an eye out on special promotions that happen throughout the season.

Local: We made it out to a few Edmonton Prospects baseball games last year, and it was always fun. The best seats in the house are only $20 ($10 for kids), or you can go on ‘Toonie Tuesday’ and buy one full price ticket and get the second for $2. Pro tip: get the perogy hot dog, it’s delicious!

9. Go for a Bike Ride

Remember when you were a kid and you could ride your bike for hours and hours without a care in the world? Get back that feeling by hauling out your bike and hitting the trails. Last year we sold our second vehicle and bought ourselves decent bikes. Now it’s my favourite way of getting around when the weather is nice, and it’s so much cheaper than driving.

10. Browse a Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are a great way to spend a morning, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Take advantage of all the fresh produce and local food and get inspired to cook something for dinner from scratch. Even if you splurge a little on supplies, you’ll still save money by cooking at home instead of heading to a restaurant.

Local: There are lots of farmer’s markets all across the city, you can find a listing of all of them here. My favourite is the downtown City Market, it’s has a good variety but isn’t too huge and Saturday mornings always seem to be the best time for us.

11. Day Trip

Escape the city for a bit and hit the highway. Day trips feel like a mini vacation but don’t have all the added costs of having to stay in a hotel. Head to a nearby beach, visit a historic site, or explore a small town you’ve never visited before.

Local: Alberta has this weird thing where we like to build random super-sized structures, it’s strange but can set you up for a pretty unique road trip. Head to Vegreville and check out the giant Ukrainian Easter Egg and then head to the giant Ukrainian Sausage in Mundare.

12. Board Game Cafe

Board game cafes have been popping up all over the place, and it’s a fun way to spend an evening. Most places will charge you a flat fee to play as many games and for as long as you want.

Local: Board n’ Brew in a new addition to Edmonton’s board game cafe scene. They have a huge selection of games, tasty food, and local brews on tap.

13. Backyard Movie

Set-up your TV or laptop up outside, pop some popcorn and curl up on a blanket under the stars to watch a movie. Much cheaper than going to the theatre, and romantic 😉

14. Improv Show

Comedy shows are a perfect date night out, but they can get really expensive depending on who you are going to see. Instead, look for a local improv troupe. Their tickets prices will likely be much more affordable, and you’ll still get a good laugh.

Local: If you’re in Edmonton you should go see a Rapid Fire Theatre show. Tickets to their Theatresports start at only $12.

15. Small Town County Fair or Rodeo

Big ticket events come with high ticket prices (I’m looking at you K-Days and the Calgary Stampede), but if you go off the beaten track, you can find cheaper alternatives.

Local: For a couple of options that are in Edmonton’s vicinity you can look for the Ponoka Stampede or the Vegreville County Fair. Admission is free to the Ponoka Stampede, but you do have to buy tickets to the rodeo events, and it’s $8 to get into the Vegreville County Fair.

16. Tackle a DIY Project

We all have lists of chores we need to get done around the house, but maybe there’s a project you can team up with your partner to get completed. Two summers ago we rebuilt our front porch, and aside from a few disagreements and a tetanus shot, it was a success. Getting through the job can be a challenge, but you’ll feel accomplished when it’s over.

17. Free Festivals

Summer is the time when the events schedule for a city really picks up, and there are often free activities you can attend.

Local: Edmonton is known for all of its festivals, so there’s no shortage to choose from. The Heritage Festival, K-Days Parade, Canada Day Fireworks, and the Works Art & Design Festival are all free to attend, as long as you can resist the temptation to sample all the food options.

18. Jigsaw Puzzle

There’s always a few days in the summer that are rainy, and you’re stuck inside. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and watching endless hours of TV, why not get a jigsaw puzzle and give your brain some activity. I love puzzles but they are a hard pass for the bf, so I’m usually left solo, but if you are both puzzle lovers then it’s fun.

19. Local Music

Just like how local comedy shows are cheaper than big names, local musicians also have much better ticket prices (sometimes even free). And maybe you’ll get to watch an intimate performance by someone who ends up super famous! Someone out there got to see Taylor Swift play in a dive bar before she was a superstar.

Local: If you live in Edmonton (or are visiting), check out The Starlite Room or the K-Days lineup.

20. Wander around Ikea

This sounds super lame, but there always seems to be a time every summer when we make the long drive out to Ikea and wander the displays. Usually, we have a couple of small things we want to pick up, but it’s so easy to kill a few hours just looking at things. This is a good one to save for one of those days where your house is a sauna, and you can’t stand it for another second. Plus, grab dinner at their restuarant…it’s so cheap and those Swedish meatballs are delicious in the grossest possible way.

There you have it, 20 ways to fill up your summer with date nights (or days) that aren’t going to break the bank. What are you going to try first? Or maybe you have more ideas to add to the list?

Want to plan a date night this summer but don't want to break the bank? Try one of these 20 ideas!

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