As you read this, I will be exploring all that Yellowstone National Park has to offer. The bf and I headed out on a road trip this past weekend and headed South into the states to check out a few points in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho for the first time. If you’d like to follow along on the adventure, then hit up my Instagram where I’ll be sharing a few pictures and stories.

While I’m away, I wanted to point you in the direction of a few of my favourite personal finance bloggers so you can still get your PF fix while I’m gone. This is become an annual tradition now (two years counts as tradition right?), so if you want even more, you can check out last years round-up.

The Luxe Strategist

Any personal finance blogger list I write has to start with Luxe; she is killing this blogging thing! She started blogging just over a year ago, and I have loved everything she’s written.

Her thing is that she saves 50% of her income while still scoping out deals on luxury items. A girl after my own heart! She may have a way better fashion sense than yours truly, but you know how much I love the idea of balancing saving and spending.

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The Dumpster Dog Blog

Amanda is hilarious, and her origin story is unlike any you will ever read. I’ll let you read all the dirty details for yourself!

Not only is her blog entertaining as heck, but she also knows her shit. Her unique perspectives on a variety of topics will have you stepping back to think a minute, and it might be just the motivation you need to get serious about your money.

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Debts to Riches

If you are working to pay off debt, then Veronika is the exact person you need to be following. She started with $130,000 of student loan debt and has cut that down to less than $80,000.

She can give first-hand advice on the struggle of dealing with high levels of debt and tips she’s used to get to where she is today. It’s inspiring, and there’s something for everyone to learn.

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Bravely Go

Kara has turned her already impressive debt payoff story into an entire community of women who inspire, educate, and motivate others to achieve financial success.

She grew up in a low-income household which gives her a life experience that is often missing in the personal finance community. She was also able to pay off $25,000 of debt while never earning more than $30,000 each year. I’m always interested to read Kara’s opinion on finances and current events because they are often eye-opening to me.

Make sure you check out her upcoming events and see if any are happening in your area!

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Adam writes about pursuing minimalism, financial independence, and mindfulness; all of which he views as tools for creating a better life. His blog is bigger picture than many other personal finance bloggers, but he finds a way to make it relevant to everyone.

I feel like every post Adam puts out becomes one of my favourites He’s a great writer, but he also packs his posts with extensive research and A+ visuals. He’s a former web developer, and that shows through on his site.

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Tiny Ambitions

Full blown minimalism is not for me, but that doesn’t mean I’m not intrigued by it and can apply some of the concepts to my own life. If you feel the same way, or want to take it a step further, I highly recommend checking out Britt’s blog. She writes about minimalism, simple living, her goal to own a tiny house and is currently in the middle of a year-long shopping ban.

Britt’s writing is personal, and she’s easy to connect with, which are main reasons I’m still an avid follower of her blog even without the minimalist connection.

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Reaching for FI

There are a lot of personal finance blogs out there that follow someone’s journey to pay off an obscene amount of debt. I’m not faulting them because they’re super helpful to a select audience, but that’s not my story. Erin’s blog is a financial journey of a different type. She (like me) grew up as a middle-class white woman with parents who paid for the bulk of her post-secondary education. Erin graduated with a comparably small amount of debt (again, just like me) but still felt like she was falling behind financially.

Her story is relatable, and her insights into financial independence are unique and worth following.

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Feminist Financier

There is a very good reason Feminist Financier won the 2017 Plutus Award for ‘Best Investing Blog’. She writes on a variety of topics but with a goal of helping women achieve financial success. Targeting women is crucial because we fall behind when it comes to earning, saving, and investing. Ms Financier has made it her mission to teach and motivate us to do better.

Her posts are packed with mind-blowing facts, valuable tips, alongside some of the prettiest graphics you’ll see in the personal finance world.

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PF Geeks

Rich is a relative newcomer to the personal finance blogging community, but he’s been putting out some good stuff. He’s also one of the good guys, which is essential when it comes to making my list. You can see that I tend to favour the lady-bloggers 😉

On PF Geeks you won’t find as high a frequency of posts as on some other blogs, but Rich’s goal is to put out one epic post each month (along with a few shorter ones). The strategy seems to be working so far, and I’m excited to see what else he’s got planned.

Rich is also the proud owner of one of the cutest pups in the PF community, so he’s worth a follow for that fact alone!

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His and Her FI

Charles and Bethany are a couple who are pursuing financial independence. I found their story intriguing because Charles jumped on the FI bandwagon before Bethany; in fact, she was against the idea at the start. Obviously, she came around and now they’re working at it together. That’s one of my favourite parts of their blog; they both contribute posts, so you get to see both sides.

They are also avid travellers (turned travel hackers) and the proud parents to one furless cat and one furry pooch. My kind of people (minus the furless cat because I can’t get onboard with that!)

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There you go, ten bloggers to add to your reading list. If you want even more (or maybe follow many of these fine folks already), then let me point you in the direction of a fantastic list of ladies who are all writing about money. Angela from Tread Lightly Retire Early composed an extensive list of female financial independence bloggers, and I guarantee you’ll find a few new faces to follow.

Feel free to share any of your favourites I might have missed, or take a minute to self-promote and introduce yourself!

Expand Your Reading List with Ten Of My Favourite Personal Finance Bloggers

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  1. Freaking fabulous list! I’d have to agree with every one of these bloggers you have listed 🙂 And have an absolutely wonderful time on your trip!! Will be following along vicariously through Instagram.

  2. Thanks so much for including me, Sarah. This is awesome company to find myself in!

    I’ve been jealously following along on Instagram so far—your trip looks awesome! Are you headed to Glacier NP? I’m going in August and I CANNOT WAIT.

    • Sarah Reply

      You are welcome, you made it an easy choice!

      I’m not doing Glacier NP this time. We wanted to include it and do the going to the sun road on our way back up but the road isn’t fully open yet. It looks gorgeous though!

  3. Have an AMAZING holiday at Yellowstone…and I am so honored to be included in this fabulous roundup of finance gurus!

    Lovely list to have handy when someone asks: hey, who else should I be reading….


    • Sarah Reply

      Thank you! There are so many fantastic bloggers out there but I think I picked some of the great, if I do say so myself 😉

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