Today I’m taking a little break from talking about money and am instead going to daydream about my travel bucket list (you know, where I would go if I had ALL the money). Lately, I’ve been feeling plagued by the travel bug and have been dreaming up all sorts of places I would like to plan a trip to. We were in Barcelona last November, and I fell in love with the city, and it made a short trip to Europe seem completely doable. Before we went, I was a little hesitant because I didn’t know if it was worth it to go all that way just for a week, but let me tell you…it sooooo was! The one downside though was that a big trip in November meant we were stuck in Edmonton for the whole winter. And by whole winter I am including the April snowstorms that have been happening this past week…seriously, shoot me. It’s halfway through April and we have more snow than at Christmas! So yes, I have a major urge to get the heck out of here.

Unfortunately for me, it’s just not in the cards right now. We are going on a road-trip out to Vancouver Island in June, but that will mostly be to visit family and friends, and while that’s great and all, it’s not the splurgy kind of vacation I’m dreaming about! Hopefully, we’ll get away to somewhere hot early next year, but I think we’ve got a pretty lame year of vacation on our hands for 2017.

So, if I did have the time and money to travel where would I go? Obviously, there are endless places I’d love to visit but today I’m keeping things semi-reasonable. This is more of a ‘drink my way through Italy’ as opposed to a ‘climb Everest’ kind of bucket list;


Prague, Czech Republic

I’ve heard wonderful things about Prague and how beautiful it is, so I’ve got it on our radar for 2020. Why 2020? Well, the World Juniors! That’s a big hockey tournament for all you non-fans out there. Sounds fun right? I’ve never travelled anywhere specifically for a sports event but watching the juniors is a Christmas tradition (it starts on Boxing Day every year) for many Canadian families, mine included, so I think it would be an amazing experience. Nothing is set in stone right now, but I’m hoping we can make it happen. The one issue is the timing. Travelling during the holiday season is always pricier and busier, and Prague won’t exactly be warm. How do you even pack for somewhere cold?


The Maritimes

I feel like a bad Canadian for admitting that I’ve never travelled anywhere further East (in Canada) than Ottawa, not even Montreal. I’d say it’s time to fix that and I would love to road trip around the Maritimes. I think my plan would be to rent a car in Montreal and head East all the way to St. John’s. That way I could stop off at all the highlights along the way and get more out of the experience. Fall seems to be the best time to make that trip as you’d get to see all the Fall colours along the way. How do you guys feel about road trips? I think they are fun, as long as you can make frequent stops and not have crazy long driving days. Basically, I’m a child and will throw a tantrum after 8 hours of driving.

New York

New York, New York

I don’t have much desire to travel to the States right this second because of all the ridiculousness down there, but at some point, I have to make it to New York. I spent one year living in Southern Ontario and still regret not taking a weekend trip to the Big Apple. A Broadway show, Yankees game, an overload of amazing restaurants, and endless shopping…pretty much a dream come true for this girl.

Cinque Terre


This will likely have to wait a few years before it’s an attainable dream (unless I win the lottery) because of the expense and the number of vacation days I’d need. There is just so much to see! Really though, who doesn’t want to go to Italy; the food, the culture, the vino {insert heart face emoji}. Sidenote: I did a jigsaw puzzle with a very similar image of Cinque Terre on it like the one above and have dreamt of going there ever since.



I think Cuba will likely be our next winter getaway. We’ve done Mexico a few times now but it’s time for a change, and the bf’s family highly recommends Cuba. When I’m looking for an all-inclusive vacation, all I really want is hot weather, a decent hotel and a beautiful beach, so I think Cuba would work just fine. It’s also fairly reasonable price-wise, and you can get a direct flight from Edmonton. The one complaint people seem to consistently have about Cuba is the food, but I’m not too worried about that…maybe it will be the one vacation I don’t gain weight on 😉 Plus, Havana looks beautiful with its vintage charm so I would like to spend a day exploring the city.

My Travel Bucket List


  1. Prague is lovely indeed!

    I want to return to NYC (explore north of Central Park and those neighbourhoods) and Italy (venture further south) and Vietnam (motorbike tour). I want to visit Hong Kong and Penang in Malaysia. I'd love to see Niue and the Maldives. Ireland and Spain and Portugal. The PNW – Seattle, Portland and up to Vancouver. Maybe the southeast of the US too.

  2. Prague looks so beautiful, I really hope we can make it there. Your list is making mine much longer, I'd like to go to just about all those places.!

  3. Get thee to Italy as soon as humanly possible! One of my life’s regrets – and there are very few! – is that I waited until I was 43 to visit Italy for the first time. Words alone cannot describe the incredible sights, food, wine, history & experiences that Italy has to offer.

    Glad to have found your blog – keep up the good work!

    • Sarah Reply

      Thanks for stopping by Camille 🙂 I would love to be in Italy right this second if possible…escape from this freezing cold weather!

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