When you guys are reading this I’m going to be road tripping across Alberta and BC, and enjoying all the grape inspired beverages that the Okanagan has to offer. You can follow along with my adventure on Twitter or Instagram if you’d like. Instead of a regular post, I thought I would take the opportunity to share a round-up of some of my favourite bloggers. Go check out a few of their posts and catch me right back here next week when I’ll be talking about everyone’s favourite topic (or maybe just mine)…pets!

A common complaint about the world of finance is that it is dominated by old dudes (especially in the more traditional sense of banks and brokerage houses). This lack of perspective can make us younger, female investors feel left out and awkward about getting serious about our money. There are however some super awesome ladies in the personal finance blog-o-sphere who are full of good advice and inspiration, and who won’t talk down to you! Today I’m taking a minute to give a few of my favourite female finance bloggers a shout-out.

‘All the finance ladies, all the finance ladies…now put your hands up!’

1. Bridget Casey – Money After Graduation

Bridget has been blogging about money since 2010, which means she’s obviously doing something right. Her archives are packed with valuable information for just about any money topic that you might have questions on. Bridget also recently announced that she’s having a baby, and I’m sure we’ll be getting a glimpse into motherhood and money in the future.

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2. Desirae Odjick – Half Banked

Des is a total pro at breaking down complicated topics, so you actually get it, and throwing in some real life stories that will make you laugh (with her, not at her). Plus, she’s a BIG dog lover, and that makes her A+ in my book.

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3. Alyssa – MIXED UP MONEY

Do you need a money bff? If so (and who doesn’t), Alyssa is your gal. She’s hysterical, and the queen of GIFs, so you know that you’ll be entertained while still getting a financial reality check. Her YouTube videos are also amazing so don’t miss those.

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4. Miss Mazuma

Miss Mazuma is a flight attendant by day and a personal finance blogger by night, who happens to live in Chicago, one of my favourite cities. Financial independence by November 2022 is Miss Mazuma’s goal, so follow her along on the journey and get inspired.

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5. Piggy & Kitty – Bitches Get Riches

These two bitches have taken the personal finance world by storm lately with their no holds barred posts. If you’re overly sensitive, you might need to give Piggy & Kitty a pass, but for everyone else, jump over to their site and get lost in their posts.

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6. Penny – She Picks Up Pennies

Penny’s blog focuses on living frugally to pay off debt and save money. She’s a teacher by trade and that really comes through in her posts, and let me say, she’s exactly the kind of person I would want teaching my kids.

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7. Ms Montana – Montana Money Adventures

Ms Montana and her hubby started married life with $50,000 of debt. Since then they have been seriously turned around their finances and have travelled extensively and even paid cash for their first home. Her posts are inspiring and will make you think twice about heading down the wrong financial path.

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8. Courtney – Your Average Dough

A finance blog for the average joe; get it? Funny right! Courtney is an accountant who previously worked as a financial analyst, so her advice is on point. She’s a newbie on the blogging scene but I’ve been loving the posts she’s been putting out and can’t wait for more.

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Who are your favourite bloggers? Do you have any other finance ladies I should add to the list?

Female personal finance bloggers round-up


    • Sarah Reply

      I couldn’t agree more, they do all rock! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  1. Thanks for sharing this list and including your favorite posts from each! Sad to see the fellow accountant (Courtney) didn’t continue blogging.

    • Looks like I need to slow down and click my mouse button more aggressively. Excited to see that Your Average Dough is up! Thanks again for the list! 🙂

      • Sarah Reply

        Courtney is still around, but not as much as she used to be. I know she’s been doing some freelance work on other sites but she did go on hiatus on her own blog for awhile. Thanks for stopping by Allyson!

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