I have a bad habit of spending money online when I’m bored, and this becomes more noticeable when the weather cools down, and I spend more time indoors (browsing the internet). Anyone else have the same problem? I also find that this time of year has me craving a wardrobe refresh, even though I don’t need new clothes. To keep myself from spending money I try to distract myself with things that are free. I’m kind of like a dog. If I’m kept busy and entertained, then I won’t get into trouble. (cue cute dog GIF)

In honour of the first week of Fall and my need to keep busy, I’ve rounded up ten free things that are currently making me happy…

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Earlier this Summer the bf and I went on a road trip out to the West Coast, and we started listening to this podcast. Oh. My. Gosh. It is hysterical! The premise is simple but completely twisted. The hosts Dad wrote an erotic novel, and instead of pretending it never happened, he gathers two of his friends, and they read it on air. Most of the episodes are about 40 minutes, and each one is one chapter of the novel.

There was more than one time where we were driving down the highway close to tears from laughing so hard (maybe it should come with a ‘driving while listening’ warning). We made a deal only to listen together so we’ve fallen behind since we got home but we’re off to Jasper in a few weeks, and this will be at the top of my podcast list. If you’re looking for a laugh, then I highly recommend it, but maybe don’t listen on the bus or anywhere else in public…you might get some weird looks.

Hockey Season

I always enjoy hockey, but usually, it feels like it comes too soon. Not this year. After a long decade of bad hockey, the Oilers finally turned things around last season and made a run in the playoffs. Then we got McDavid and Draisaitl locked down on long-term contracts this summer and all that has me extra excited for the start of the season. Here’s to another exciting year filled with lots of goals, big hits, and no injuries 😉

Soup Weather

I am not a fan of salads, and that’s a problem in the Summer. Salads are a staple because they’re an easy side dish that doesn’t require turning on the oven when your house is already smoking hot. It’s not that I don’t like vegetables, it’s just the lettuce that I’d rather pass on.

However, now that the weather has cooled down it’s back to soups in this house. Delicious, warm, comforting bowls of soup. Now that’s more my jam. Here’s a couple of my favourite soup recipes that have already made it back into our meal planning rotation:

Andy Seliverstoff on Instagram

This is my new favourite Instagram account. It is all photographs by Andy Seliverstoff of little kids with their big dogs. They are super adorable, and I’m seriously considering buying the coffee table book just to flip through when I’m having a bad day. If you’re a dog lover, you will love the account.

Eggnog in Coffee

Last week I saw someone post a picture on Twitter of eggnog at their local grocery store and I got a little giddy. I’m not some crazy Christmas obsessed person, and I hate seeing Christmas stuff in the stores before Halloween. But…eggnog is the exception because it makes coffee so much more delicious. If you’ve never tried subbing out cream for eggnog in your regular coffee, you absolutely have to. I can’t handle drinking a glass of eggnog (even with rum) but a splash in my morning coffee makes me a happy camper. No judging until you try it!

Icarus on Netflix

I read a positive review of this documentary and gave it a watch on the weekend, and it’s really absorbing. Icarus is all about sports doping, but the documentary maker goes about it in a rather unique way. There’s an interesting and entertaining cast of characters, and you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the doping scandal that kept some Russian athletes from participating in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

I know I promised these were free things but I’m going on the assumption that almost all of you will be Netflix subscribers. If you’re not, and you’ve already used up your free trial, then I’m sorry. Maybe you can find the documentary at your local library.

Fall Walks

I love this time of year. The weather has cooled down just enough to make afternoon strolls enjoyable, and the trees are all starting to change colour. I only wish Fall would stick around for more than just a few weeks in Edmonton, and that it was followed up by Winter. I like living in a place that has four seasons, but I’d be a-ok if the snow and cold would just last for one week over Christmas.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

I feel like I’ve had an unsuccessful year of reading so far because it’s already September and this is the first book I’ve ranked 5/5 on Goodreads. I’m usually pretty stingy with my 5-star reviews, but I’m not sure I’ve ever gone this far into a year without one.

Anyways, this book is great. Don’t get scared off by the fact it’s considered a young adult novel; I didn’t get that impression from it at all. Yes, it’s about and narrated by a teenager, but the plot follows the aftermath of a black, male teenager who is shot and killed by a cop. It may be fiction, but it feels very topical and doesn’t gloss over anything. It’s an important read, and I flew through it. I recommend picking the book up from your local library (stick with the free theme). If you do want to buy a copy then the above link is an affiliate link, check my disclaimer for more details.

Bike Lanes

Since we got rid of our second vehicle, we have committed to biking, and that has been made a whole heck of a lot easier with the new Edmonton bike grid. We live just outside of the downtown core, and there is now a separated bike lane almost all the way from our house to downtown. This gives us easy access to the arena for concerts and sporting events, my favourite farmer’s market, the movie theatre and tons of great restaurants.

I am by no means a professional biker and do not have the confidence to ride in busy traffic (I’m improving though). The bike lanes allow me to get around without worrying about cars, and it’s an entirely new way to get around the city. There has also been a big increase in the number of bikers around, and I’m all for that! Way to go #yeg.

This Puppy

And just to wrap up with something that should leave you with a smile on your face. How adorable is this pup?! I wish we could all find something that makes us as happy as this little guy is about that slide.

Do you guys have any other recommendations? How do you keep your mind busy and not thinking about spending money? Share your ideas in the comments, and we can all embrace the free 🙂 

You don't have to spend money to find something you love.

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  1. OMG that sounds like a hilarious podcast! I’m a bit overwhelmed by how many podcasts I need to catch up on, but this one might just make it into the rotation.

    Fall! I hate winter so fall is always a bit bittersweet but I’m trying to ignore that and just focus on the wonderful weather and the pretty leaves!

    That puppy is amazing, thank you for that.

    • Sarah Reply

      It is so funny, you should absolutely listen to it. Fall is always so short here, have to savour it while you can but I also hate that it means winter is right around the corner.

  2. Yay hockey! I joined a league a few years ago that plays year-round, so I get hockey all the time, but it is nice watching teams that are actually good at it. 🙂

    Also, loved The Hate U Give. My book club read it and I had low expectations because of the YA label, but it was really well done and thought-provoking.

    • Sarah Reply

      They need to start up some sort of NHL equivalent summer league! It’s probably better though, the break just makes me more excited to watch. I had the same thought about The Hate U Give after a friend recommend it to me. I’m glad I took her advice and read it though, it’s one of the best books I’ve read this year.

  3. When I started to watch hockey my favorite team was the Oilers with Gretzky, Fuhr, and Messier. This was before the Sharks existed in the Bay Area and the Oilers were on espn a lot. That was fun to watch them and dominated during that time.
    Hopefully you guys are enjoying that new arena up there and hope it starts a new era of winning hockey for the Oilers and the fans.

    • Sarah Reply

      The glory days! It’s been so long since we’ve had good hockey here in Edmonton that the city really embraced it last year and everyone turned into a fan. The new downtown arena sure helps with that too, it’s a completely different experience going to games now and it’s changed our downtown for the better.

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